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Monday, 14 October 2013

Faking CV

faking cv was the trend during my times, i was a fresher and put 2 yrs of experience on my profile and was able to prove it and got selected too.

during my time, IT was emerging field, in the year 2000-2001, so there was huge shortage of IT Guys, and employers were hiring even if they had doubt that its fake CV

but now employers are aware of fake cvs, so its bit difficult now

you can do is work in a small company or midsize company, have good relations with the employer
and then apply to the companies which offers good package or things what you are looking for, then after applying,  ask your employer a favor, tell him that you have applied in a company and said your experience to be so and so and your salary is so and so, if you have good relations with employers he will approve it

Big companies do check up on your previous employers, they call them and ask your details

but after getting the job, there are high chances you will be kicked off, since your skills wont match your experience level, but you will be able to survive 3 or 6 months, enough to gain you good experience

if you are able to pass, you wont be kicked off, so after getting the job, you will have to study and work hard, so that you can match your skills with experience

Targeted Applications

Most Job seekers mass apply, that's waste of time for employers and for jobseekers

jobseekers spend more time for applying jobs and employers spend time in cleaning there mail box, both luse

best way finding job is by referral, that works easily, in small companies, if the senior person refers you in his company, you immediately land up in job, becoz the person who refers is a trusted one by the company, so that's a lot easy, but many friends are reluctant to refer there friends, but you can try

in big companies, it slightly different, you have to pass through the interview process, but its still lot easier than applying for a job. since your resume is directly highlighted in front of the hiring person, whereas in job applying, it is lost in so many job applications

still you have high chances of getting the job, since they are colleagues of the person who is referring you, your friend can request concessions from those colleagues, and they mostly approve it
becoz of trust, friendship and relation with the person who is referring you

now where will you find referals, here it is

now ask for friends, collegaues or people who know you, who are already working in the field you are trying to get in, what if you have no friend in a position to refer you job

here you go
here you register and then search for referral jobs, or search for people who are working in the company where you are looking, type the company name, and list of people will appear in the, add them as friend, do friendship with them, and then quietly ask for a referal


Improving English within a week

when i was a job seeker, i had a terrible English, even though i was educated in English school, still my English was too poor, becoz of too much mingle with local guys.

English skill was lacking so i moved into software development, if you are technically fit, employers are okay with you, but still further development becomes difficult, you cannot be just a developer forever, you are eventually going to move up, for team leader, project leader, project manager and so on, and that will require English, since you will be interacting with client, if Indian client then its okay, but for overseas client, English is must, they hate when you don't understand them

i did one simple trick, that improved my English within a week and its fun, i used to read novels loudly for 2-3 hours daily, by doing this it increased my vocabulary, i know more words now, and English  come automatically when i  speak

try it, it works