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Sunday, 25 January 2015

making huge money online

youtube money

Heard so many times, that people are making huge money by making youtube videos, tried to understand it
youtube makes money by showing ads at the start of video or any where middle of the video, and also adwords ads at the bottom of the video
but that is paid only if some 1 clicks on your ad at the bottom or watch the full video ad shown at the start or the middle, which is very very unlikely and rare, that means for few crappy cents, you will have to make highly entertaining videos that people will actually like it and they watch, subscribe and press like button. and it will incur cost, and you might luse in the gamble
i have made videos and hardly made a dollar out of it..even though videos were good

but there are some people who are making millions every month, i decided to check
i was surprised, most high earners were making on videos of games and toys, :)

they are making some simple toys videos and making millions every month, cost of video production is almost zero, nothing and making millions of dollars every month

some of the top earners are

you can easily see there videos, nothing just a toy playing video in front of camera and see the money they get. (lucky guys)
its a strange way to earn and they are making it

for a list of high earning video makers you can visit this website
visit this website

making money on youtube is still very hard, people have to watch the entire video ad or click on the adword ad below in order to be credited by money

Thursday, 22 January 2015

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