Tuesday, 19 May 2015

This Man Gave his 200 Crores to all his employees

Rahul Yadav Ceo of housing.com

has decided to ‘gift’ all his shares in the company to employees. In a meeting conducted at Town Hall in Bangalore, he announced this surprising and shocking news, which has been described as unprecedented in Indian startup scene.

his website http://www.housing.com

Rahul justified his movie by saying, “I am just 26 and it’s too early in life to get serious about money etc.”
Reportedly, Rahul told all his employees that he is not particularly interested about money anymore, and it’s the problem of real estate which we want to solve. Rahul, who recently bought a Porche Cayenne, whose cost is somewhere around Rs 1.1-1.8 crore, said, “It is written in my stars that I will make a lot of money in life, and that I will,”

What a Generous Genuis