Tuesday, 27 October 2015

YouTubers Earning a Lot

There is a new trend for making money, its YouTube, there are lot people who are making millions from YouTube

its a good opportunity for actors,singers,dancers who can make  shows and upload it on YouTube, and they get paid, by advertisements which are shown on there videos,

iam surprised by this, how much people are making

there is a guy named "PewDiePie" , not real name ofcourse, makes over 8-10 million per year by uploading videos on youtube.

i have watched his shows, none of them looked that good to me, but he is famous and makes lot of money

look at his facebook page
Over 6,652,284 likes

look at his google+ page

he started his career by playing video games and uploading videos about video games, and that made him lot of money.

he is now internet celebrity with 6.2 million followers
Twitter Alc

These are new opportunities on the internet which are not yet trapped by people, but sure there is good money in it

You can know more about it, by watching this below video