Sunday, 14 June 2015

Cool New way to make money, tons of money

i came across some tutorial, where they said about a guy who made over 200 million dollars on second life,?, i was amazed how can some 1 make money playing video games..

but its real, second life is virtual environment, its a social meetup, where over 70 million people log on every day.

there you can make buildings, city, resturants, bars, swiming pool, clothing, diamond rings and sell it or buy it.

you can buy property and sell property, it has even red light area. its almost real

its a virtual community with real money,it has its own currency linden dollars, which can then be converted to real money.

i was mind blown, this who new area which is unexposed, and has a potential to make billions of dollars and people are making it

Watch this video to understand it little more